You invested in talented draughtsmen or designers, who are capable of imagining useful, practical, attractive and original objects.
These talents have value because it is the originality or the form which distinguishes one functional objet from another, which makes the object recognizable, desirable and, therefore, more easily saleable.
Your company thus has something called ornamental designs or models.

Reunion_debout_03A design is a flat figure, a representation in two dimensions.
A model is the form of an object: the description of three-dimensional contours of an object.

But without protection, this design or this model, fruit of your imagination and of your work, once disclosed, can easily be copied, imitated, reproduced. In order to safeguard your investment and your competitive advantage, you have to appropriate exclusive right to exploit your creative works.

For that, you need to have them registered.

And to enhance value of the fruit of your imagination, of your pencil stroke, of your artistic flair or of your perception of the spirit of the times, you will need our professionalism, our knowledge of law and procedures.

To do this, we will :

  • Validate that your design is available and admissible for the purposes of registration: prior art or state of the art literature searches and obtainment of certificates of registration or applications for registration of published designs from the patent offices all over the world.
  • Describe
    For filing an application for registration of your designs, it is important to be able to describe them, and possibly to specify the characteristics for which you claim exclusive rights.
    Our lawyers will take care of such description.
  • Filing in France, in Europe and all over the world
    There are specific procedures, varying from one country to another, for filing applications for registration of designs, and then for maintaining your property rights in force.

    Our administrative staff members do a work based on dedication and certainly lacking extravagance, but that is precisely the reason for which you can rely on them for the acquisition of your rights.
  • Perpetuate your acquisition by ensuring long-term monitoring of your property titles, in particular ensuring the renewals of your designs and the entries of name, address and ownership changes in relevant registers ;
  • Protect
    Our consultants are lawyers who will be by your side to defend your interests as soon as the imitators, copiers and other scavengers will draw their inspirations a bit too closely from your innovative ideas: disputes over all aspects of designs and copyright, including confiscation of works infringing copyright, actions for infringement (attack or defence) and nullity or revocation actions (invalidation) of registered designs.
  • Add value to your investment by helping you to exploit your designs for example at the time of entering into design licensing, assignment, joint ownership contracts and other related agreements (both in France and abroad).

Design patents