You now have intellectual property titles in and to the result of your investments in creation. Your trademarks, your inventions, design of your goods belong exclusively to you, which means that you are entitled to prohibit other persons from benefitting from them.

First of all, you must be able to defend yourself against possible violation of your rights, particularly in cases of patent infringement.
And then, what to do with this right ?
How to enhance value of your talents ?
How to transform this right into economic value ?

contratTwo broad options are available to you :

  1. You choose to exploit the creation, to which you have exclusive rights, yourself
  2. You choose to confer on one or more partners the right to exploit the creations to which you have exclusive rights

In the first case, the title to ownership acquired after the filing of application for registration is sufficient...

In the second case, you will need specific contracts carefully written and whose clauses specify the rights and obligations of the parties.
Upon the quality of drafting these clauses concerning assignment of rights to use intellectual properties often depend the quality and stability of the business relations resulting from them.

There are many variations of these types of contracts. These include among others :

  • contracts for the manufacture, supply or purchase of goods or services covered by intellectual property rights,
  • asset purchase or merger and acquisition contracts,
  • joint-venture contracts,
  • franchise contracts,
  • non-disclosure, research and development contracts,
  • employment contracts,
  • etc...

Our primary job is to help you protect your rights and to assist you in case of disputes.
It is also to advise you in your best interests while taking into account your development and partnership projects.
We identify ourselves in the idea according to which there can be no binding contract without fair dealing and good faith on both sides.
Good agreements make good friends.
Again, you can count on us !

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