You have expertise, a competitive advantage or a reputation in technological or commercial field. You sign this talent with one or more distinctive signs, that is to say capable of distinguishing you from your competitors.
But for adding value to your investment, you must ensure that each sign (name, slogan, colour, fragrance, visual or musical identity) which distinguishes your goods or services from those of other competitors, is available and be able to prohibit all use thereof by others.
You need to register your trademark !

Reunion_02Does filing an application for trademark registration appear simple and obvious to you ?

Be cautious! The issues concerning the choice and filing an application for trademark registration are very important. Several issues need to be considered :

  • Can the sign that distinguishes you from others (a logo, a word, a colour, a sound, a fragrance…) be protected, that is to say, is it admissible as a trademark ?
  • Isn’t a third party already entitled to prohibit you from using this sign ?
  • Does your company need to be identified in your country or in countries around the world ?
  • In concrete terms, how to have this sign registered ?
  • Once acquired, are your ownership rights in this trademark permanent ?
  • How to allow others to use your trademark, while receiving your share of this exploitation ?

We can accompany you through the entire life cycle of your trademarks

We offer a complete range of legal services for the acquisition, consolidation, increase in value and use, in both attack and defence, of your rights in trademarks. We can help you :

  • Verify the availability of your trademark and its admissibility for the purposes of registration: prior art searches and obtainment of copies of certificates of registration or of published applications for registration from the patent offices all over the world ;
  • File in France, in Europe and all over the world :
    preparation of applications for trademark registration, drafting of the list of goods and services,
    filing and monitoring of the applications for trademark registration in France, in Europe and around the world,
    responses to the official notifications of examination in France, in Europe and around the world ;
  • Ensure the continuity of your acquisition by ensuring long-term monitoring of your property titles, in particular ensuring the renewals of your trademarks and the entries of name, address and ownership changes in relevant registers ;
  • Protect your rights against those who would infringe or question them: disputes over all aspects of trademarks, including confiscation of works infringing property rights, actions for infringement (attack or defence), notices of opposition to registration and nullity actions (invalidation) ;
  • Add value to your investment by helping you to exploit your trademarks for example at the time of entering into contracts for licensing, franchising, assignment, joint ownership of trademarks and other related agreements (both in France and abroad) ;
  • Evaluate a trademark or a trademark portfolio, in particular during a sale or repurchase operation ;
  • Consolidate and streamline a trademark portfolio in order to ensure a portfolio management that is suited to company’s strategy and more economical.

In the following pages, you will find key information about the trademark law and practice, the means of protecting and using your trademarks, as well as about the corresponding services that we can provide you with in order to accompany you through the entire life cycle of your trademarks.