What we offer

Intellectual property protection today must be extended to web activities, which indicate a clear growth trend in terms of both presence and importance for consumers at a global stage. The Internet has methods, procedures and times that are absolutely own and different from the off-line world and for this reason we have specialized skills and technologically advanced tools to provide cutting-edge service also in this respect.

On-line Anti-counterfeiting

The significant growth of e-commerce has exponentially amplified the sale of counterfeit products on the web with a huge extension of the sectors involved, by not only deducting sales to companies but generating significant image problems on the quality and reliability of brands. Thanks to the use of an in-house platform and a dedicated team, we are able to effectively fight this phenomenon.

Trademark, patent and design protection

Again through tools with in-house technology, we help our clients to identify and remove the improper use by third parties of their brands, patents and designs in various areas of the internet, such as open web, market place, blogs and forums, or mobile applications.

Cyber-squatting prevention

All activities aimed at fighting the registration of domain names which include in whole or in part a name, a trademark or another distinctive sign of third parties, carried out without the consent of the person entitled, are called anti-cybersquatting.

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