Our profession needs to combine the taste for technical excellence with the subtlety of law and the rigour of the administrative proceedings; it requires judgment and discretion, and the true sense of service thanks to which you are able to calmly get on with your professional activities.

PresentationOur engineers, scientists and lawyers, specializing in fields, are at the service of innovative teams, managers and investors to help them identify and develop their intellectual assets.

Our current organization is the result of the merger in 2010 between two complementary teams sharing common values: the firm Harle Phelip founded in 1819 and the firm Coralis, founded in 2003.

Then in 2016 the groups Coralis Harle Phélip and Jacobacci combined their expertise to accompany customers as close as possible to their needs in the new stakes of Intellectual Property. Founded in Turin in 1872, the Jacobacci & Partners Group is a major player in Intellectual Property, covering all sectors of activity and enjoying a high reputation in Italy, Europe and internationally. A pan-European team with the highest level of expertise is thus set up, a team in which the family spirit and service of the client that animates the two groups is preserved. The leaders of the two groups meet on the board of directors in a shared vision of the European future of Intellectual Property.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary nature of its teams and its 15 locations in Italy, France and Spain, the new pan-European group, more than ever committed to fulfilling its commitments, offers each client a personalized service while allowing them to European synergy.

Our French teams are stationed in Bordeaux, in Nantes and in Paris.

We place at your service...

  • A technical expertise
    Your contact consultants are highly qualified and specialized engineers and scientists and, therefore, capable of understanding your work.
    They are the ones who will listen to you and draft your patent applications according to the rules of the trade.
  • A legal expertise
    Your contact consultants are fully qualified to give legal advice and hold all the necessary certifications to represent you before any institutions.
    They will take care of prior art searches, of drawing up contracts and of management of possible disputes...
    In short, they are perfectly able to define and protect your rights.
  • An administrative expertise
    In matters of intellectual property, the administrative management is a profession in itself.
    Whether it is to file an application for patent, a trademark, a design or a domain name, rigorous methods are imperative.
  • Our lasting commitment at your side
    After property rights have been obtained, it’s time to profitably exploit them.
    This presupposes a thorough understanding of the legislation, a detailed knowledge of customs, an international network, the ability to negotiate and formalize contracts, all of which are essential for defining and implementing a true winning strategy.
    Once again, we will be working alongside you.