We can do a great deal for you, but we will be able to do so even better and our collaboration will be all the more effective and long-lasting as you will know and understand better the basis of our profession.

Beyond the technical expertise, legal rigour and compliance with administrative procedures for filing and following up, the protection and enhancement of value of intellectual property is often part of a strategy whose elaboration and implementation require knowledge and judgment.

This is precisely the reason why we think that as integral part of our advisory responsibility, we must provide you with all the information and even the required training so as to enlighten your judgment when the time comes for us to make alternative proposals and recommendations to you and for you to make decisions.

It is the concern for establishing lasting and trustful relationships with our clients which prompts us to enhance transparency: even though in practice it may seem complicated, our profession is not incomprehensible, and it is possible and useful to know, without going into too much detail, the spirit of the laws governing intellectual property as well as the constraints that we are confronted with in complying with them.

This liking for transparency and for partnership led us to make available to you, from now onwards, in all the pages of our website, details with regard to the procedures and regulation of our profession.

It is this commitment to partnership and the striving for efficiency that will urge us to suggest that you devote a little time to building good mutual understanding and to learning more about certain aspects of our profession throughout our collaboration.

It might be somewhat difficult for you, but remember :
It is interesting and worthwhile !

Intellectual property