Your company, your laboratory, or your university houses research centres filled with imaginative people with inventive talents.

  • How to succeed in enhancing the value of your inventions while minimizing the risk of being copied ?
  • How do you make sure that others will not draw with impunity on your research works from the moment these will be made accessible to the public, when your goods will be marketed or your works published ?
  • How to inquire about the possible existence of previous patents that would oppose the patentability of your invention or, even worse, its use ?

Reunion_01An application for patent is a legal and technical document: it defines the technical subject matter whose ownership is claimed and must meet legal validity criteria.

The patent law and its use are often perceived as being very complicated. Nevertheless, the procedures for obtaining patent titles in different countries continue to resemble each other, thus inducing an overall simplification.

Our team of experts is there to support and guide you through the process, right from the development of a coherent strategy to its implementation.

What can we do for you ?

  • Listening to you :
    First, we become acquainted with your invention. Your work belongs to a strategic context and is part of a legal framework with respect to which we must also measure the constraints.
  • Understanding :
    Our consultants are your direct interlocutors. These consultants include scientists and engineers highly qualified in their specific areas of expertise, capable of understanding the technical content of your work and of performing the state-of-the-art study. They are able to carry out prior art or state-of-the-art literature searches. Their primary task consists in examining with you the invention in all its aspects in order to ensure that the contours thereof are well determined.
  • Drafting :
    Our consultants are experienced in drafting patent applications according to the rules of the trade, in close cooperation with the inventors, in order to ensure that the invention is well described and that all the essential components thereof are hierarchically claimed. Their shared goal is to help you achieve a strong and broadest possible legal protection for your invention, thus enabling you to assert your rights in the event of dispute.
  • Filing :
    Déposer et suivre des demandes de brevet en France, en Europe et dans le monde entier, c’est la Filing and monitoring patent applications in Europe and all over the world, that is what our administrative management team does best in close collaboration with our consultants. The rigour and training are its chief assets, and its reliability is equalled only by its commitment to service and to result.
  • Obtaining :
    Our consultants keep track of the examination procedure for your patents, from the filing to the issuance thereof: responses to the formal notifications of examination in France, in Europe and all over the world. Their task consists in providing you with the best advice by offering you strategies appropriate for your project or company as well as for the examination difficulties.

  • Defending or attacking :
    Sometimes disputes on all aspects of patents occur, including confiscation of works infringing copyright, actions for infringement of patents (attack or defence) and nullity or revocation actions (invalidation). Our consultants are also lawyers: they are always by your side to defend you and to help you assert your rights.
  • Advising :
    We know how to listen to and understand technical considerations. We also know how to listen to, understand and to take into account the economic and strategic issues, notably with regard to filing applications in France or abroad, which are important to you. The patent filing process is always part of a strategy, whose definition must take into account the legal and international dimensions of intellectual property. We are also at your disposal to provide you with advice in defining the most judicious plan of action.
  • Evaluating :
    Finally, in the context of assignment of patents, of granting of licences or of due diligence, the benefit of both hindsight and expertise allows us to conduct patent portfolio audits. And, of course, all communications between us and you are conducted under the strictest confidentiality, which is guaranteed as much by our sense of business ethics and of loyalty as by the rules governing our profession.

In order to provide you with these services with a constant concern for quality and cost efficiency, we provide you with a multidisciplinary team of qualified consultants and of specialized engineers, able to intervene efficiently in most fields of technology :

  • mechanical engineering (mechanical components, chassis, enclosures, etc.),
  • industrial and medical appliances and instrumentation (electrical equipment, optometric and ophthalmic instruments, medical instruments, implants),
  • eyewear, ophthalmology,
  • optical technologies (optical parts, switches, etc.),
  • automotive (motors, in-car electronics, injection, etc.),
  • industrial processes,
  • software and electronics (imaging and medical data processing software, signal processing, DSL technologies, wireless technologies, data compression technologies, network management, broadband access),
  • applied mathematical methods (rating, cryptography, etc.), business methods,
  • building and civil engineering,
  • chemistry, chemical engineering,
  • pharmacology,
  • biotechnologies,
  • biology,
  • biochemistry, etc.

Furthermore, in the following pages, you will find key information about the patent law and practice, the means of protecting and using your inventions, as well as about the corresponding services that we can provide you with in order to accompany you in your research and development efforts.