Our clients are genuine partners, with whom we have a relationship based on trust, honesty and loyalty, with a twofold objective: security and efficiency.

Our clients include, among others, major international groups, leaders in their respective markets, as well as public research organizations. Therefore, our interlocutors are very often :

  • heads of legal or research departments,
  • professionals with expertise in Intellectual Property, who wish to seek assistance, sometimes specifically sometimes globally, in their tasks as experts within the company,
  • non specialized professionals or those undergoing specialized training in Intellectual Property, to whom we provide useful support and recommendation for performing the tasks they are entrusted with in the field of Intellectual Property.

Furthermore, we pay particular attention to the innovative and dynamic medium-sized and small entities, which are looking for trustworthy professionals available to guide and assist them effectively in their initiative to build, to consolidate and to enhance value of their intellectual property. Over 50% of our business activity is now carried out in the service to innovative SMEs and individuals starting a business based on an innovative project.

Our assignments include a wide range of professions and of technologies: chemistry, biology, pharmacy, mechanical engineering (mechanical components, chassis, enclosures, etc.), industrial and medical appliances and instrumentation (electrical equipment, optometric and ophthalmic instruments, medical instruments, implants), eyewear, optical technologies (ophthalmology, optical parts, switches etc.) automotive (motors, in-car electronics, injection, etc.), industrial processes, software and electronics (imaging and medical data processing software, signal processing, DSL technologies, wireless technologies, data compression technologies, network management, broadband access), applied mathematical methods (rating, cryptography, etc.), building and civil engineering.

This diversity is our wealth and pride which we keep alive in accordance with our values, with our method of working and, more particularly, with the commitment to maintain the strictest confidentiality for our clients.

Over 80% of our business activity is the result of a recurring collaborative work with loyal clients who continue to renew their confidence in us since over 7 years.