The investments strategies in Intellectual Property have been integrated into the overall strategy of the company. Their costs and benefits are, today even more than yesterday, monitored with exactness and outcome expectations. In order to guide you through this process, we provide you with quality services at reasonable costs, under budgetary terms defined together beforehand.

Our values are as follows :

  • enthusiasm and curiosity, not only with regard to our profession but also with regard to the professions, creations and technologies of our clients,
  • union of rigour and skills combined with effectiveness, modesty and prudence,
  • establishment of working relationships based on trust, particularly with strict observance of the confidential nature of the technical and commercial information entrusted to us by our clients as well as clear and comprehensive client information while processing case files,
  • respect for persons, which involves good listening skills contributing towards exchanges of knowledge and information within the teams, in particular with our clients and our other partners,
  • observance of commitments, notably in terms of deadlines and cost controls.

cristal_vertWe fully comprehend your problems and expectations in Intellectual Property matters and are able to help you define them. We take into account your budgetary constraints and contribute, in true transparency, to planning and managing your investments in Intellectual Property.

We strive to provide you with clear and concrete recommendations for action and the services tailored to meet your needs, specifically intended for your profession and your competitive environment.

In this way, we place the Intellectual Property tools at the service of durability, lasting value and development of your projects and of your activity.